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Impact Academy and Resource center

With a focus on holistic development, the Impact Academy and Resource Center seamlessly integrates mentorship, development, education, community engagement, and daily living in one vibrant location.




















The Impact Academy and Resource Center is a state-of-the-art educational and communal facility designed to foster learning, growth, and connection among its members. The features extend to:

  • 10 Classrooms: Spacious, modern, and equipped with the latest technology for effective teaching and learning.

  • Computer Lab: High-tech facility to facilitate digital literacy.

  • Library: Extensive collection of resources to support student's academic needs and encourage a culture of reading.

  • Full-service Kitchen: A professional-grade kitchen for culinary exploration and nutrition-focused classes.

  • Gymnasium: A recreational facility for team sports, school events, and physical activities.

  • 10 Dorm-Style Rooms: Comfortable living spaces with jack-and-jill bathrooms, designed for collaborative living experiences.

  • 10 Administrative Offices with an office suite: Ideal for faculty and staff operations and collaborative work.

  • Meeting Space and Auditorium: A large-capacity hall for community events, ceremonies, and presentations.

  • Incentive Based Retail Shopping Area

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